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Digital Communication Test
Detail Model Number Product Manufacturer Main Specification No. Price
020128 MD6420A MD0625B MD0626A Anritsu MD6420A Analyzer Mainframe*Clock: 50bps to 10Mbps*Measurements: Error Measurement/Wordless/Level Measurement/Voltage Meas...more 020128 ¥140,000
050438 MP1800A 2CH 28Gbit/s PPG MP1800A 2CH 28Gbit/s ED Anritsu PPG (2CH) 0.2G up to 28Gbit/s Positive/Negative OutputED (2CH) 0.2G up to 28Gbit/s Positive/Negative InputSeparate 14GHz Signal Generator is necessary. 050438 ¥4,800,000
030631 MP1800A/MU181020A/MU181040A Anritsu *MU181020A: 9.8 up to 12.5Gbit/s Pulse Pattern Generator*MU181040A: 9.8 up to 12.5Gbit/s Error Detector*OS: WindowsXP 030631 Under Negotiation
050479 MP1800A/MU181020A/MU181040A/MU181000A Anritsu *MU181020A: 0.1 up to 12.5Gbit/s Pulse Pattern Generator*MU181040A: 0.1 up to 12.5Gbit/s Error Detector*MU181000B: 12.5GHz Synthesizer*Frequency Range: 0.1 up to 12.5GHz 050479 Under Negotiation
050440 MP1800A/MU1803020A/MU183040B Anritsu *MU83020A: 2.4 up to 32.1Gbit/s Pulse Pattern Generator*MU183040B: 2.4 up to 32.1Gbit Error Detector*OS Windows7*Separate 16.1GHz or less SG is necessary. 050440 ¥2,700,000
030642 MP2101A Anritsu 2CH PPG ED*Variable Bit Rate Range: (8.5Gbit/s up to 11.32Gbit/s) 1Kbit/s Step*Amplitude: 0.1Vp-p up to 0.8Vp-p (10mV Step) 030642 ¥600,000
050405 MT8820C Anritsu *Frequency Range: 30MHz up to 2.7GHz Resolution 1Hz*Output Level Range: -140dBm up to -10dBm Resolution 0.1dB*Measurement ...more 050405 ¥550,000
020312 MT9090A
Anritsu *Ethernet Electric Interferface Tester (10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1000BASE-T)*RJ45 Connector*Test Items: Cable Test/ITU-T Y.1564 Test (OP-007)/RFC2544 Test (OP-001)/BERT Test*USB I/F 020312 ¥200,000
050417 NavX-NCS Essential ifEN *Compatible Frequency: GPS LI C/A GLONASS G1*Channel: 21CH 050417 ¥800,000
030389 STR4500 GSS GPS/SBAS Correspond Psuedo Signal Generator*Output Frequency: 1575.42MHz (GPS/LI) Accuracy: ±5x10-10/Day*RF Output: -115 ...more 030389 ¥400,000