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Spectrum Analyzers
Detail Model Number Product Manufacturer Main Specification No. Price
019090 41800A Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Input Impedance: 100k Ohms 3PF( with Probe)/1M Ohm 1PF (when with Divider)*Frequency Range: 5Hz up to 500MHz 019090 ¥100,000
030533 E4404B Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 100KHz up to 6.7GHz (OP-UKB)*Resolution Bandwidth: 1Hz up to 5MHz (OP-1DR)*Measurement Level Range: -149dBm up to +30dBm*Aging Rate: +/-1x10-7/Year (OP-1D5)*50 Ohm N-Type Input 030533 ¥600,000
050411 E4407B Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 100Hz up to 26.5GHz*Resolution Bandwidth: 1Hz up to 5MHz*Measurement Level Range: -150 up to +30dBm*Aging Level: Rate: 1x10-7/Year*50 Ohm N-Type Input*Dynamic Range Maximum: 97dBm 050411 ¥1,050,000
019146 E4411B Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 1MHz up to 1.5GHz*Resolution Bandwidth: 1kHz up to 5MHz*Maximum Input: 30dBm*Aging Rate: ±2x10-6/year*Tracking Generator: 1MHz up to 1.5GHz*75ΩN-Type Input/Output 019146 Under Negotiation
030552 MS2667C Anritsu *Frequency Range: 9kHz up to 30GHz*Resolution Bandwidth: 10Hz up to 3MHz(OP-03)*Measurement Level Range: Average Noise Lev...more 030552 ¥580,000
018581 MS8609A Anritsu *Spectrum Analyzer Function*Frequency Range: 9kHz up to 13.2GHz Frequency Resolution: 1HzResolution Bandwidth: 300Hz up ...more 018581 ¥380,000
018405 R3273 Advantest *Frequency Range: 100Hz to 26.5GHz*Resolution Bandwith: (3dB) 10Hz to 10MHz 5MHz*Measurement Range: -125dBm to 30dBm*Aging Rate: 5x10-9/Day (OP21) *Input: SMA/N Type Connector 50 Ohms 018405 ¥460,000