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Spectrum Analyzers

Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) E4404B Spectrum Analyzer

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Management Number 030736 Product Name Spectrum Analyzer
Product Manufacturer Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) Model Number E4404B
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price ¥580,000
Main Specification *Frequency Range: 100KHz up to 6.7GHz (OP-UKB)
*Resolution Bandwidth: 10Hz up to 5MHz (OP-1DR)
*Maximum Input Level: +30dBm (INPUT ATT≥ 5dB・PREAMP OFF)
*Minimum Display Noise Level (Representative Value): -132dB (PREAMP OFF) -149dB (PREAMP ON)
*Aging Rate: +/-1x10-7/Year (OP-1D5)
*50 Ohms N-Type Input
Accessories 3P AC Power Cord
BNC Cable
N(m)-BNC(f) Conversion Adapter
Manual None
Option A4H (GPIB Parallel I/F)
1D5 (High Stability Timebase)
UKB (Low Frequency Extension)
1DR (Narrow Resolution Bandwidth)
B72 (Increase Memory)
1DS (3.0GHz Preamp)
AYX (Fast Zero Span Sweep)
Remarks You can download the manual at product manufacturer's official website.
Please fill out the necessary details for stock orders; an email will be sent once order is confirmed.
Management Number 030736
Model E4404B