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Network Analyzers
Detail Model Number Product Manufacturer Main Specification No. Price
021888 3650 Anritsu (Wiltron) 3.5mm Calibration Kit*Frequency Range: 10MHz up to 26.5GHzSet Items01-222 (Pin Dips Gauge)/01-223 (Pin Gauge F Adapter)/01...more 021888 ¥400,000
022216 4396B/85046A Keysight Technologies (HP) Network Analyzer Function (S-Parameter Test Set 85046A)*Frequency Range: 300KHz up to 1.8GHz*Input: N-Type Connector Input...more 022216 ¥400,000
017889 85020B Keysight Technologies (HP) *Frequency Range: 10MHz up to 2.4GHz*Maximum Input Level: +23dBm*Input Output Connector: 75 Ohm N-Type 017889 ¥50,000
013358 87510A Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 100KHz to 300MHz*Resolution Bandwidth: 1mHz *Output Level: -45 to +15dBm(OP010)*Frequency Satbility: +/-2.5x10-6/Day*Transmission and Reflection Measurement*GP-IB I/F. FD Drive 013358 ¥120,000
030707 8753ES 6GHz Keysight Technologies (HP) Vector Network Analyzer*Frequency Range: 30kHz up to 6GHz (OP006)*S-Parameter Test Set Built In*50 Ohms APC7 Connector 030707 ¥580,000
014671 8757C Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) Scalar Network Analyzer *Color Display*Frequency Range: 10MHz up to 100GHz*Signal Source is necessary. 014671 ¥220,000
050529 E5071B (4 Port) Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 300kHz up to 8.5GHz (Setting Resolution: 1Hz)*Output: -50 up to +10dBm*Built In Signal Source: S Paramet...more 050529 ¥1,500,000
050537 E5071C Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 9kHz up to 8.5GHz *Output: -55dBm up to +10dBm (relative value)*2 Port: Built in S-Parameter Test Set *50 Ohms N-type Connector *GP-IB USB LAN I/F *Firmware VerA.11.31*OS: WindowsXP 050537 ¥1,400,000
021575 E5100A Keysight Technologies (Agilent Technologies) *Frequency Range: 10kHz up to 180MHz*Frequency Accuracy: +/-1ppm (OP-1D5)*Frequency Stability: +/-2.5x10-9/8 hours (OP-1D5...more 021575 ¥240,000
013381 R3966A Advantest *Frequency Range: 40MHz to 8GHz*R376XCH Series Applicable 013381 ¥120,000