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Hioki 8860 Memory Hi-Recorder 8CH

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Management Number 022164 Product Name Memory Hi-Recorder 8CH
Product Manufacturer Hioki Model Number 8860
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price ¥100,000
Main Specification *Analog Input: 6CH (8956 3pcs) Input 5mV up to 20V/div DC up to 10MHz
*Strain Input: 2CH (8939)
*Logic Input: 16CH (Separate probe is necessary.)
*Memory: 32MW
*Maximum Sample: 20MS/s
*Power AC100 up to 240V/DC10 up to 16V 200VA
*PC Card Slot USB LAN I/F
Accessories Power Cord
Connection Cord 6pcs (Maximum Input Voltage 600V with Core)
Recording Paper Holder Left and Right 1pc each (attached)
Storage for 2pcs Cable (Tamiji 03-32-10/R03-PB5M)
Manual 8860/61 Quick Start Manual (Japanese)
8860/61 Input Unit Guide (Japanese)
8860/61 Instruction Manual Analysis (Japanese)
Option 8956 (2CH Analog Unit) 3pcs (attached)
9715 (Storage RAM 32MW)
8995 (A4 Printer)
9684 (DC Power Unit)
Remarks Exterior panel has slight discoloration.
Please fill out the necessary details for stock orders; an email will be sent once order is confirmed.
Management Number 022164
Model 8860