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Circuit Element Measuring Instrument

Keysight Technologies B1500A/16442A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer/Test Fixture

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Management Number 050533 Product Name Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer/Test Fixture
Product Manufacturer Keysight Technologies Model Number B1500A/16442A
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price Under Negotiation
Main Specification *Medium Power Source/Monitor Unit B1511A 3 sets
(-100V up to +100V -100mA up to +100mA resolution 0.5μV 10fA)
Accessories 3P AC Power Cord
Kelvin Triaxial Cable 3m (04155-61622) 3pcs
Interlock Cable 3m
Tri-axial BNC Cable 3m
Tri-axial BNC Cap 4pcs
Interlock Connector
16442A Accessories:
Socket Module
Dual In Line Package 28pin (16088-60042)
Dual In Line Package 24pin (16058-60006)
Dual In Line Package 18pin (16088-60043)
Axial Lead (16088-60049)
Diodes (16058-60008)
Transistors (16058-60005)
To-Package 12pin (16058-60011)
To-Package 8pin (16058-60009)
To-Package 10pin (16058-60010)
Jumper Cable
Mini Banana-Mini Banana 35cm 10pcs
Mini Banana-Mini Banana 20cm 3pcs
Pin Plug-Pin Plug 15cm 5pcs
Mini Banana-Pin Plug 15cm 7pcs
Pin PLug-Pin PLug 20cm 3pcs
Accessories Storing Case 2pcs
Manual B1500A User's Guide (English) CD-ROM Copy
Option None
Remarks *Test fixture's upper cover has some slight discoloration.
*2 Packages prior to shipping.