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ADC 12704A Resistivity Chamber

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Management Number 022190 Product Name Resistivity Chamber
Product Manufacturer ADC Model Number 12704A
Appearance No noticeable Price ¥60,000
Main Specification *Electrode Diameter JIS-K6911 - Compliant
Main electrode: 50 ± 0.5
Guard electrode: 80 ± 0.5 (outer) 70+/-0.5 (inner)
Opposed electrode: 83 +/-2
*Electrode Coeffecient: Volume Resistivity: 19.63
Surface Resistivity: 18.84
*Accuracy: (Electrode surface temperature 23 degree celcius 5 degree celcius)
Volume Resistivity: +/-2 percent
Surface Resistivity: +5.3 percent -4.7 percent
*Insulation Resistance: (Temperature 0 degree celcius up to 40 degrees celcius Relative Humidity: 70% or less DCV1000V)
Main electrode – guard electrode/opposed electrode: 1 × 1015 or higher
Chassis-guard electrode/opposed electrode: 1×109 or higher
Opposed electrode-guard electrode: 1×109 or higher
Main electrode-chassis: 1×1014 or higher
Electrometer ADC 8252/5252/5350/5450/5451 compatible.
Accessories Directional Electrode (attached)
Electrode Protection Sheet (protection sheet during transportation)
Main Electrode attached)
Ring Electrode (attached)
Manual 12704A Instrcution Manual (Japanese)
Option None
Remarks None
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Management Number 022190
Model 12704A