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Anritsu MS8901A Digital Broadcast Signal Analyzer

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Management Number 022022 Product Name Digital Broadcast Signal Analyzer
Product Manufacturer Anritsu Model Number MS8901A
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price ¥200,000
Main Specification *Frequency Range: 9KHz to 3GHz
*Maximum Input Level: +30dBm
*Resolution Bandwidth: 300Hz to 3MHz. 5MHz. 10MHz. 20MHz
*Average Noise Level:
less than or equal to -124dBm+2f (GHz) dB (Preamp: Off)
less than or equal to -139dBm+2f (GHz) dB (preamp:On)
*N-Type Connector 50 Ohm
Accessories 3P AC Power Cord
N-Type 50 Ohms Coaxial Cable 40cm
50 ohm to 75 ohm Converter (MA1621A)
UHF Band Pass Filter (UBF-314)
RS232 Cable
File Transfer Utility (CD-ROM)
Front Cover
Manual MS8901A Instruction Manual VOL.1. VOL.2. VOL.3 (Japanese)
MX890110A Instruction Manual (Japanese)
MX890120B Instruction Manual (Japanese)
Option OP01 High Stabiliy Timebase
OP09 Ethernet Interface
OP21 Power Meter Function
OP46 Disable Front Panel Power Switch ・Power ON /OFF Stanby Switch at the Rear Panel
OP53 High Accuracy Modulation Frequency Measurement)
MX890110A (ISDB-T Electrometry Software)
MX890120B (ISDB-T Signal Analysis Software)
Remarks None
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Management Number 022022
Model MS8901A