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Keisoku Giken ESA-150 Safety Standard Analyzer

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Management Number 021945 Product Name Safety Standard Analyzer
Product Manufacturer Keisoku Giken Model Number ESA-150
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price Under Negotiation
Main Specification Measurement Characteristic
*AC Withstand Voltage Test: 0 up to 5000Vac 100mA (50/60Hz)
*DC Withstand Voltage Test: 0 up to 5000VDC 20mA
*Insulation Resistance Test: 303 up to 1000VDC 20mA
*Earth Continuity Test: 1.00 up to 40.00Aac (50/60Hz)
*Continuity Test: 0.1A range (0.00 up to 10.00 ohms) 0.01A range (10.01 up to 100.0 ohms)
0.001A range (101 up to 1000 ohms) 0.0001A range (1001 up to 10000 ohms)
Accessories 3P AC Power Cord
Inter Lock Key (attached)
High Pressure test Cable red/black 1pc each
TCT Adapter Box
DUT Power Input Cable
Large Current Test Cable
Clamp Core 5pcs
Rack Mount Kit
USB Device Driver (CD-ROM)
Manual ESA Series Instruction Manual (Japanese)
PW-Dept. Product Manual (Cd-ROM)
Option 769 (Run Test + TCT + AC Source)
Remarks Weight 30Kg . Separate quote for shipping