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Yokogawa 7013-11 (DL9140L) DL9140L Digital Oscilloscope

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Management Number 020168 Product Name DL9140L Digital Oscilloscope
Product Manufacturer Yokogawa Model Number 7013-11 (DL9140L)
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price Under Negotiation
Main Specification 701311-M-HJ/B5/P2/C8
*Input: 4CH
*Frequency Range: DC up to 1GHz
*Maximum Sample Rate: 5GS/s
*Record Length: 6.25M Word/ch
*USB PC Card I/F
Accessories 3P AC Power Cord
Probe 500MHz 4pcs (701943)
Front Cover
DL9000 Communication Interface User's Manual (CD-ROM)
Manual DL9040/91409240 Series User's Manual (Japanese)
DL9040/9140/9240 Series Serial Signal Bus Function Analysis Users Manual (Japanese)
DL9140/9140L/9240/9240L Communication Interface User's Manual CD-ROM Instructions (Japanese)
DL9140/9140L/9240/9240L Communication Interface User's Manual (Japanese)
DL9040/9140/9240 User's Manual Change (Japanese)
701943 Probe User's Manual (Japanese)
Option B5 (Installed Printer)
P2 (Probe Power for Probe)
C8 (Installed HDD Ethernet I/F)
F8 (I2C+CAN+SPI Bus Signal Analysis Function)
Remarks None