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Voltage/Current/Electric Power Test Equipment

Yokogawa M&I CA150 CA150 Handy Calibrator

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Management Number 018704 Product Name CA150 Handy Calibrator
Product Manufacturer Yokogawa M&I Model Number CA150
Appearance No noticeable scratches Price Under Negotiation
Main Specification *Source Range
DCV: 100mV 1V 10V 30V DCA: 20mA maSINK: 20mA
Resistance: 500 Ohms 5K Ohms 50K Ohms RTD: PT/JPT
Pulse Output: CPM/100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/50kHz
*Measurement Range
DCV: 500mV 5V 35V DCMA: 20mA 100mA
Resistance Measurement: 500 Ohms 5K Ohms 50K Ohms
Pulse Measurement: 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/CPM/CPH
RTD: PT100/JPT100
Accessories Lead Cable for Source(98020)
Lead Cable for Measurement (RD031)
Battery Holder
Terminal Adapter (99022)
Alkaline Batteries 6pcs
Portable Carrying Case (with Belt) 93026
Manual CA150 User's Manual (Japanese)
94010 AC Adapter User's Manual (Japanese)
94015 NiMH Battery User's Manual (Japanese)
Option NiMH Battery (94015) attached
AC Adapter + Power Cord (94010M)
RJ Sensor (B9108WA)
Remarks Initial failure warranty for battery since it is considered as consumables.